++++ AutoSock legally accepted snow chain alternative for the EU and Switzerland: ALL INFOS HERE ++++

AutoSock is looking for new distributors in France

AutoSock – the leader

AutoSock was the first textile winter traction device introduced to the French market 20 years ago.  We have been successfully selling through Volkswagen France and the PSA network as well as major aftermarket chains and platforms.

Back in 2012, it was AutoSock who successfully entered legal proceedings against the French Ministry of the Interior, since the Gendarmerie Nationale denied that AutoSock would comply with the French snow chain rules. On the 4th of October 2012, the Conseil d`Etat ordered the Ministry of the Interior to announce and accept that AutoSock is in full compliance with national snow chain requirements (Ordonnance No. 362379). AutoSock has led the way and opened markets around the world for textile traction devices. For years, AutoSock is a member of the CEN Committee aiming on a European standard for winter driving.

Become a part of our success story

Our success is based on more than 20 years of research and development, including continuous testing and approvals by 15+ car makers. We are convinced to have the safest, best performing, and most reliable product in the market, backed by a solid liability insurance.

Join the Norwegian innovator of textile traction devices and let us together extend the AutoSock distribution network in France.


We do believe in strategic partnerships with our distributors: all our main distributors worldwide have been selling AutoSock for 15+ years. We support our distribution partners with high quality POS displays, digital marketing solutions and high flexibility. So get in touch with us today and send us the filled form. Our French market manager is looking forward to get in touch with you soon.




Jan 17, 2021