++++ AutoSock legally accepted snow chain alternative for the EU and Switzerland: ALL INFOS HERE ++++

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The Original Traction Aid, Since 1998.

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Save time, weight and costs with AutoSock.

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AutoSock for passenger cars legally accepted snow chain alternative throughout the EU and Switzerland

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These will be the difference between arriving easily at your destination and a possible trip to the ditch. 

Gear Junkie

The perfect aid for driving on snowy and icy roads.

Volvo Cars

The grip and traction of chains, but at a fraction of the cost, weight, time, and discomfort.

Men's Journal

Having AutoSock with you at all times, is always a great idea.

Steph Custance, Ice Road Truckers

A big deal for truckers. If AutoSock had been invented before tire chains, no one would even consider using a tire chain.

McGee Company

You can easily slip these on in two minutes or less. They are pretty much weightless and do the same job.

Canadian Trucking Magazine

Fits cars, trucks, buses and forklifts

The alternative to metal chains

Autosock is based on more than 20 years of research and development. With numerous approvals and certifications, Autosock is a legal alternative to snow chains in most countries.


Available in more than 50 countries

AutoSock has become an essential for roadside emergency kits. Faced with unpredictable weather, the quick and space-saving solution brings you home.

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A success pioneered in Norway

AutoSock is the only textile traction aid not just approved by automotive manufacturers, but developed in collaboration with them. We pioneered the AutoSock and have continuously optimized our products since.

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