Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use AutoSock?

Install AutoSock on the driving wheels of the vehicle. Stretch the black elastic band over the top half of your tire and pull the AutoSock down, covering as much of the tire as possible. Move the vehicle until the top half is under the wheel, then pull the AutoSock over the remaining part of the tire. AutoSock will automatically self-center when you start driving. Gloves and instructions are included, and the bag doubles as knee-support to keep you dry.

Is AutoSock a legal alternative to tire chains?

AutoSock is a legal alternative to tire chains for cars and trucks in North America and the majority of Europe. For a detailed overview, please see our legal page.

What makes AutoSock different from alternatives?

AutoSock is the only textile chain alternative certified according to TÜV SÜD standards PPP 53219:2000 for cars and PPP 53283:2006 for trucks. AutoSock is the original innovation and was the first of its kind on the market. There are no other textile traction devices with more than 15 years of research and development, including continuous test driving, technical development and optimization. AutoSock has a globally leading amount of approvals by automotive manufacturers, and AutoSock has been developed in collaboration with automotive manufacturers – not just sold to them. All key features of AutoSock are protected by patents owned by AutoSock AS, Norway. Furthermore, our products are covered by a solid product liability insurance in all our markets.

How durable is AutoSock?

AutoSock is tested and certified according to strict standards for performance and durability. The certification bodies follow chain standards and include TÜV SÜD, automotive manufacturers, private companies and government agencies. Users accustomed to chains will often forget they have equipped AutoSock, resulting in unnecessary wear. AutoSock warrants proper use and we highly recommend reading the included instructions before use. By avoiding unnecessary wheelspin and longer distances on clear roads, AutoSock will last a long time. To obtain TÜV SÜD and ÖNORM certification, AutoSock has been tested on more than 100km / 60 miles of dry asphalt.

How often can AutoSock be used?

All components of AutoSock are engineered and tested for longevity and numerous mounting processes. AutoSock can be installed and uninstalled many times without problems.

How does AutoSock work?

Textiles have a tendency to stick to snow an ice: When driving on non-dry surfaces, there is a thin film of water between the tire and the surface. AutoSock has tiny “hairs” that penetrate the film and connect the tires directly to the surface. With correct use, AutoSock becomes hairier and improves performance over time. 

What are the limitations of AutoSock?

AutoSock is a textile tire cover and may tear quickly if used incorrectly. The product is not intended for studded tires or clear roads. Use AutoSock on snow, slush and ice at speeds less than 50km/h / 30mph. Avoid wheelspin, extreme acceleration and extreme braking to increase the longevity of AutoSock. Instructions are included.

Does AutoSock work with […]?

AutoSock is one of the most compliant products in its sector: Four-wheel drive, low wheel arches, ESP, ABS, alloy rims – you name it. AutoSock does not support studded tires, but is otherwise widely compatible. Mount AutoSock on wheels connected to the drivetrain. For four-wheel drive vehicles, please refer to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation in your vehicle owner's manual. Some manufacturers, such as Jeep or Tesla, may recommend mounting traction devices on the rear tires only. If you are unsure, contact us at

Does AutoSock work with different vehicles or tires?

AutoSock can be shared between multiple vehicles and tires sizes. Please check the compatible sizes stated on the AutoSock packaging, or use our Size finder to make sure AutoSock fits the other vehicle's tire dimensions.

Does AutoSock require maintenance?

AutoSock improves with use as the fabrics become fuzzier. AutoSock does not require maintenance, but we recommend shaking out dirt after use and letting it dry properly before re-packing. AutoSock is machine washable at 40°C / 100°F. If left on overnight, please do not use AutoSock until unfrozen.

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