++++ AutoSock legally accepted snow chain alternative for the EU and Switzerland: ALL INFOS HERE ++++

AutoSock is the legal alternative to snow chains in most regions worldwide

AutoSock on Truck Legal

Regions with unpredictable weather often require vehicles, both commercial and regular, to carry tire chains. In Canada, the United States and most of Europe, AutoSock meets chain requirements at a fraction of the weight, size and cost.

United States

Chain laws vary state-by-state and seasonally. Some states do not have chain laws at all, while others can invoke emergency declarations that supersede state statue. AutoSock is approved or permissible in every state. Details and documentation.


AutoSock is generally approved across Canada for all vehicle classes and it is mandatory to carry them between October and April for commercial vehicles. B.C. currently makes an exception for vehicles above 11794 kg (26001 lb), which need to carry metal chains for major highways such as the Coquihalla Pass. Please contact your local distributor for details and documentation.


AutoSock is the first product worldwide to be certified according to new European standard EN16662-1:2020. Following EU procedures, the standard has been implemented as national standard in all EU member states, as well as in Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and Turkey. This means, AutoSock for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles below 3,5 t gross weight can now be used whenever snow chains are mandatory in any country of the EU and Switzerland. Read more on this latest achievement.

Already now, AutoSock for passenger cars complies with French winter driving regulations and can be used when snow chains are required in France, Italy, Spain, Andorra, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Switzerland: As from October 2020, AutoSock for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles is a legally accepted alternative to snow chains.


The Japanese Ministry of Transportation released updated regulations concerning the use of traction devices and AutoSock can be used for any vehicles (including trucks) when snow chains are required. For more information click here (in Japanese)

AutoSock has retailed in partnership or with approval from BMW Group, Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, NIO, Jaguar, Land Rover, Nissan, Seat, Volvo, Linde and DAF Trucks. For questions related to branded products, please contact us at info@autosock.com.

Autosock is the better alternative

  • Autosock is certified according to the new European Standard EN16662-1:2020 and approved as snow chain alternative in most regions around the globe.
  • Autosock invented the textil winter traction device in Norway and is the only product with more than 20 years of reserach and development - including continous testing and optimization.
  • Autosock is the only snow sock developed together with car manufacturers, textile & friction experts as well as yarn producers.
  • Autosock is convenient, safe, reliable and trusted by millions of drivers around the world.
Apr 13, 2021