Front view of product packaging of the new product in the range: AutoSock HP 860

New Product for the Collection: AutoSock HP 860

With the new winter season 2023/2024, AutoSock introduces a new model for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles: AutoSock HP 860. The new sizecovers more than 22 wheels. The tire dimension combinations for selecting the correct AutoSock models are already adapted to the new product model, and AutoSock distributors are informed.

The inventor of textile winter traction devices is reacting to the latest developments in the automotive industry and the increasing demand for the upper electric car class. The cooperation with a large Scandinavian car manufacturer, which also produces many new electric car models, was one of the drivers behind this decision.

This change is necessary to give all customers the best possible AutoSock handling experience and to further optimize the product range. There are no disadvantages when using older AutoSock HP models for which other recommendations for corresponding tire dimensions have been made in the past. If a different model was recommended for a specific tire size in the past, this specific model can still be used, despite the newest recommendation for AutoSock HP 860 from this winter season.

New product in the product collection: AutoSock HP 860 (front view)New product AutoSock HP 860 backside view with matching tire dimension combinationsTire Dimension Sheet for AutoSock HP860 showing the most popular tire sizes matching the product

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