AutoSock Regulations Update for the winter season 2021-2022

The AutoSock Regulations Update for the new Winter Season 2021-2022

Every year the regulations for carrying and using winter traction devices are changing. It is challenging to keep track of legal updates for different regions worldwide. Our seasonal legal update informs you about the usage of AutoSock and where the snow sock is a legally accepted alternative to snow chains.


AutoSock is the first product worldwide to be certified according to the European standard EN16662-1. Following EU procedures, the standard has been implemented as national standard in all EU member states, as well as in Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and Turkey. AutoSock for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles below 3,5 t gross weight can now be used whenever snow chains are mandatory in any country of the EU.

In Switzerland, AutoSock for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles was separately approved on national level and is a legal alternative to snow chains.

In France, the new “Mountain Law” (“Loi Montagne”) regulates that winter equipment must be carried on special road sections in mountainous areas between November 1st and March 31st. AutoSock for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles fully complies with this new regulation and can legally be used instead of snow chains or winter tires when entering any of these areas.

++++ NEWS UPDATE: Austrian Ministry denies acceptance of AutoSock. AutoSock does not meet snow chain requirements in Austria. AutoSock does not accept the decision. Read more about the latest news here! ++++


Chain laws vary from state-by-state in the USA. Some states do not have chain laws at all, while others can invoke emergency declarations that overrule state statute. AutoSock is approved or permissible in every state. For further details on state regulations, please refer to


AutoSock is generally approved across Canada for all vehicle classes, and it is mandatory to carry them between October and April for commercial vehicles. British Columbia currently makes an exception for vehicles above 11794 kg (26001 lb), which need to carry metal chains for major highways such as the Coquihalla Pass.


The Japanese Ministry of Transportation released updated regulations concerning the use of traction devices and AutoSock can be used for any vehicles (including trucks) in designated snow chain areas.

On the AutoSock regulations page, we always inform about legal changes and regularly update the worldwide regulations for AutoSock.


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