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AutoSock AF 20

AutoSock AF 20

The textile winter traction device keeps you moving in winter driving conditions. Full safety meets excellent design, since 1998.

Product Features of AutoSock AF20:
  • Quick to install and easy to remove.
  • Provides instant, increased grip and improves direction stability, traction control and braking control for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Increases the safety for both driver and vehicle.
  • Does not cause costly wear to floor or road surfaces, or leave rubber marks from tires.
  • Vibration-free, smooth and silent during use.
  • Lightweight and space-saving. Easily foldable and simple to store.
  • Reusable and machine-washable.
  • Also compatible with airplane loaders.


Each set includes two AutoSock and a set of gloves.


47x41x9 cm (LxWxD)
18.5x16.1x3.5 in (LxWxD)

Weight: < 3 kg (< 6.6 lbs)

Our product packaging may differ marginally in appearance and language for different markets around the world.


- AutoSock shall be fitted to the driving wheels.
- Commence fitting from the top of the tire downwards, move the vehicle half a wheel turn and pull the remainder into position.
- Keep anti-slip programs activated (e.g., ASR, ESP).
- Start driving carefully and avoid wheel spinning.
- AutoSock will center itself when driving.
- Do not exceed 30kmh / 20mph.
- Always follow instructions stated in your car owner’s manual.

Check our FAQ for more questions.


Products are not available through Find your nearest AutoSock distributor.


AutoSock does not require maintenance but we recommend shaking out dirt after use and letting it dry properly before repacking. AutoSock is machine washable at 40°C / 100°F. Please take AutoSock off overnight. 

Check our FAQ for more questions.

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Forklift with mounted AutoSock snow socks on front wheels, standing on snow and ice


The perfect solution for combined indoor and outdoor driving during winter. AutoSock for forklifts has a reinforced traction fabric, optimized for lower speeds and higher wheel loads. The textile construction does not damage surfaces and protects sensitive floors from tire scratchmarks. There are 7 AutoSock sizes that cover important forklift and industrial tires.


  • AutoSock partially mounted on a wheel showing the product components front fabric and straps
  • AutoSock mounted on a front wheel showing the product components road contact fabric, inner fabric and elastic
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  • Front Fabric

    The woven and coated net stabilizes the entire AutoSock and prevents snow or debris from gathering between the tire and the road contact fabric.

  • Straps

    The straps give the snow sock its signature look. They assist mounting and demounting the product and add stability.

  • Road Contact Fabric

    The unique fabric construction, provides a long product life and an outstanding friction. The arranged fibres facilitate the textile to absorb any water between the ground and the tire, thereby maximizing the dry friction grip.

  • Inner Fabric

    Usually used for high quality parachutes, the inner fabric holds AutoSock in position, assures proper fit on the tire and supports the black elastic strap to reach its ideal position behind the tire for optimal tension.

  • Elastic

    The elastic keeps the tire sock in position, supports self-centering and assures stable fit to the tire. The combination of tenacity, elongation force and elasticity for best performance was evaluated in extensive tests during the development of AutoSock.

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  • Assembling step 1 for AutoSock installed on a vehicle

    Step 1

    Install AutoSock on the top half of your tire. Pull down AutoSock as far as possible.

  • AutoSock installation step two

    Step 2

    Move the vehicle half a wheel turn.

  • AutoSock fully mounted on a passenger car in mounting step 3

    Step 3

    Pull AutoSock over the remaining part of the tire.

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  • Graphic showing the principal function of AutoSock

    Textiles tend to stick to dry snow and ice. The arranged fibres, used for the road contact fabric of AutoSock, facilitate the textile to absorb and ‘wick away’ any water between the ground and the tire, thereby maximizing the dry friction grip. Each thread of the road contact fabric consists of more than 100 fine high-performance fibres, which lead to a “hairy” surface of the AutoSock traction fabric. These “hairs” penetrate the slippery water film and connect the tires directly to the surface (snow). With correct use, AutoSock becomes “hairier” and even improves performance over time.


  • Graphic showing advantage of AutoSock: Invented and designed in Norway
  • Graphic showing advantage of AutoSock: Approved by car manufacturers and certified by international standards
  • Graphic showing advantage of AutoSock: Easy installed and self-centering
  • Graphic showing advantage of AutoSock: Lightweight and space-saving traction solution
  • Graphic showing advantage of AutoSock: Quiet driving without any vibration
  • Graphic showing advantage of AutoSock: Products covered by a liability insurance
  • Graphic showing advantage of AutoSock: Reusable and machine washable
  • Graphic showing advantage of AutoSock: Continued research and development
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