++++ AutoSock legally accepted snow chain alternative for the EU and Switzerland: ALL INFOS HERE ++++

Product Packaging of AutoSock AL 74 AL74 for trucks (front view)
Back side of product packaging for AutoSock for trucks
Product packaging content for AutoSock for truck products contains two AutoSock and a pair of gloves
AutoSock for trucks AL mounted on rear wheels

AutoSock AL 74

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Product Features of AutoSock AL74:

  • With each pair weighing less than 2kg / 4lbs, AutoSock for Trucks is significantly easier to handle compared to chains.
  • Lightweight, corrosion-stable and easy to store, especially in comparison to metal snow chains.
  • Self-centering, quick to install and easy to remove.
  • A perfect, temporary traction aid system for trucks and buses caught in sudden snowfall or on icy roads.
Each set includes two AutoSock and a set of gloves.